CKD/SKD Service
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CKD/SKD Service

In response to the quick development of IT industry, CKD ( Completely Knocked Down ) and SKD ( Semi Knocked Down ) have become the main business models for corporations increasing competitiveness . As the world leader of embedded PC design, DMP has accumulated abounding experience in practicing those models properly.

With more than 17 year's experience in manufacturing industrial board, DMP provides proper components and complete documents for production, such as BOM List, Circuit Diagram, SOP, Test Software, etc. With this advantage in hand, DMP is not only confident to smooth production process but also capable to solve difficulties you might encounter with. DMP helps clients to turn to market in a short period of time.

Right now the eBox series has been widely accepted by companies located in Brazil , China , and Taiwan through CKD and SKD models. With DMP's assistance, they improve production processes and thus increase profit performance & market expansion.

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Success Application :

1. Thin Client
2. POS System
3. POI Station
4. WEB / Printer / SMS Server
5. Mini PC / Computer

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