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The EBOX-3100 is equipped with the SoC x86 compatible modularized processor Vortex86EX (400MHz) which supports various operating systems such as DOS, Linux, and RTOS (real-time operating system). This versatility is beneficial in many industrial fields as it allows for any number of custom applications to be employed. Couple this with the durability, reliable quality and the EBOX-3100 provides a vital component to your operation.


  • Vortex86EX (400MHz)
  • Onboard 512MB DDR3
  • No VGA output
  • PXE Diskless Boot
  • SD, SDHC support
  • USB V2.0 port x 2 (2 at the front)
  • 10/100 Mbps LAN
  • COM port x 1
  • Auto Power On support
  • Ultra low power (consumption less than 2.3W)