* DM&P Vortex86MX (933MHz)
* Onboard 512MB DDR2
* SD, SDHC support
* VGA support
* VESA mounting support (75 x 75mm)
* Fanless design
* 10/100 Mbps LAN x 1
* External Wireless LAN Dongle support
* PXE Diskless Boot
* USB 2.0 port x 3 (2 at the front)
* Auto Power On support
* Ultra low power
* Small Form Factor (95 x 95 x 20mm)

The EBOX-3350MX-AP features Auto Power On supported. It is the appropriate device that you can customize the apps on-demand and utilize in a wide range of commercial and industrial technology applications.

Ordering information

EBOX-3350MX: Standard version
EBOX-3350MX-AP: Standard version with Auto Power On support
EBOX-3350MX-C2: Standard version with RS-232 port x 2
EBOX-3350MX-C2AP: Standard version with RS-232 port x 2 and Auto Power On support
Power supply10W Mini USB Types
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