Vortex86MX (933MHz) CPU, 512MB of DDR2 RAM, and Graphic Chip into an energy efficient All-in-One Module. This consolidation of components prevents an operating error in multiple areas of the system. This means there is less risk of a defective component outside of the chip having inoperable connections. All of these devices have undergone extensive tests and certifications and have proven themselves reliable in tough conditions while permanently operating. The EBOX-3300MX Types is not only fully compatible with Microsoft Windows desktop series and Linux but also supports Microsoft Windows Standard and Microsoft Windows CE and XPe series operating systems.

  • EBOX-3300MX-M

    The EBOX-3300MX-M is the standard version of the entire EBOX-3300MX Series.
  • EBOX-3300MX-MAP

    The EBOX-3300MX-MAP features Auto Power On function. The Auto Power On function provides greater accessibility and limits the amount of management necessary to operate the device.
  • EBOX-3300MX

    The EBOX-3300MX supports internal 2.5" SATA HDD and SATA DOMs while featuring triple RS-232 ports. It also includes VESA mounting support which allows for use in limited space. The EBOX-3300MX is a fanless system designed to achieve greater heat dissipation and lifecycle extension. This embedded system device has been widely utilized in many commercial and industrial applications. It also promotes the DMP ideal of a Thin Client Computing solution that helps reduce costs and raise productivity in any number of schools, offices, retail fields, etc.
  • EBOX-3300MX-AP

    The EBOX-3300MX-AP supports an internal 2.5" SATA HDD and SATA DOM, up to three RS-232 outputs, and an Auto Power On function. These serial ports help cut expenses by expanding compatibility to older peripheral devices while the Auto Power function provides greater accessibility.
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