EBOX-3310MX Multi-COM


Integrates a Vortex86MX+ 933MHz SoC, 1GB DDR2 RAM and integrated graphics in an All-in-One module. Supports up to 4 RS-232 ports, 100 x 100mm VESA mounts, Auto Power On and PXE Diskless boot.

Processor DM&P 32-bit x86 Vortex86MX+ 933MHz SoC
Memory 1GB DDR2 onboard
VGA Integrated Graphics Chip/D-Sub 15-pin (MAX. 1920 x 1200 pixels)
Ethernet RDC R6040 10/100 Mbps LAN x1 (RJ-45 connector, Built-in PXE diskless boot)
USB USB V2.0 x5 (Front x4, Rear x1)
SD card slot SD Slot x1 IDE Primary Channel
SATA SATA Gen1 x1, 7-pin internal
RS-232 D-Sub 9-pin connector x4
Auto Power On Support
Power requirement DC +8V~+24V
Dimensions 115 x 115 x 35mm/DIN Rail Support (Optional)
Net Weight 500g
Operation Temperature 0~60℃
Certifications CE, FCC, VCCI
OS Support Windows XP, XPe, CE6.0, Compact 7 and Linux

Model Type SATA SD card slot RS-232 Auto Power On
EBOX-3310MX-S4C   1x 4x Support
EBOX-3310MX-D4C 1x   4x Support
Model Type CPU Storage COM
EBOX-3310 MX:
SD Slot x1
RS-232 x4
SATA x 1

The Vortex86 SoC Series are 32-bit x86-architecture microprocessors that are compatible with Windows, Linux and most popular 32-bit Real Time Operating Systems. The CPU clock ranges from a single core 300MHz to dual core 1GHz, and also integrates the L1 cache and L2 cache. They support Built-in ISA, PCI, PCIe, UART, IDE/SATA, I2C, SPI, CAN, GPIO, USB ...etc, and most of the legacy I/O interface into one single BGA package.

Website: http://www.vortex86.com/


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